Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is

MutualAid is a community help investment platform where participants gelp each other in providing financial aid and get help in return. For this each helping participant receives 50% return on their provided help!

2. How can I invest in cashblinks?

You have to first open an account by signing up. Once you have activated you registration and logged in, you can show any one of our 4 different plans - mini, basic, standard and premium plans in Naira or Bitcoin

3. What are the rules of participation?

1. One person, one account! You are not allowed to own more than one account!
2. There is no limit to the numbers of plans you can buy.
3. Investment is done in either naira or bitcoin, therefore payout is also in either naira or bitcoin (however we can buy your bitcoin has prevailing rates at the time of payout).

4. What are the different plans available for investment?

There are 2 categories with 4 different investment plans each:
Naira Plans
1. Mini Plan N 5,000
2. Basic Plan N 10,000
3. Standard Plan N 20,000
4. Premium Plan N 50,000
Bitcoin Plans
1. Mini Plan $10
2. Basic Plan $20
3. Standard Plan $50
4. Premium Plan $100
Each plan has a payout period of 14 - 21 days

5. What currency do you accept for investment?

We accept either the Nigerian Naira or Bitcoin

6. In what currency is my investment traded?

We deal on naira investment as of this moment, therefore all investment are traded with naira and payout is also in naira.

7. How long must I leave my investment before I can ask for payout?

All investment plans have a 21 days validity period. After the 21st day, your entire investment plus 100% profit will be credited to your account!

What if I want Naira payout in place of bitcoin during payout?

Since we also deal in buying and selling of bitcoin, we can buy off your bitcoin payout at the current rate of bitcoin during payout.

8. Can I ask for payout before the 21 days investment period?

No you cannot, because we do not keep your funds!

9. Is this a ponzi scheme or get-rich-quick platform?

Absolutely NOT, this is a community platform where members help each other with their financial needs and in return get interest paid on money given out!

10. Is my investment safe with cashblinks?

You are adviced to to pledge only with spare funds, we do not make any guarantees! We cannot guarantee how every member will behave but we will do our best to keep the platform healthy from scammers and people who don't mean well!


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